Saturday, September 24, 2005

The love of woman is incompatible with love mensdom of man. Imperfection must be radiated. Nothing it is more imperfect than selfishness with 2. During to live, distrusting, recriminations, oath which are written in pullulate powder. This not will be no longer by lover Chimиne; this will be lover Graziella. This not will be no longer Pйtrarque; this will be Alfred Musset. After 4 is determined during the dead persons, the district of rock near after the sea, more, bunch fontainebleau, island lschia, study in company corbel, burning space with the cross image, the cemetery, with engines maan on voorschijn comes that omhoog it concludes to worsen, it fell in love with object, stanza's where the girl of group the small which one not name it knows, friend to take a walk, to measure the author they come the pliability where, regret make in order to hear. In both cases, the dignity is found.

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